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Examples of Terry Morgan's work include "Lunchtime in Radda" (part of his "Images of Italy" series) and "Healey and Grevel" (one of the "Cars in Campden" series relating to photos taken in Chipping Campden and hence a particular feature of the 2010 September exhibition).

"Cars in Chipping Campden ~ Healey and Grevel"

"Images of Italy ~ Lunchtime in Radda"

Terry Morgan is part of a group of creative people living and working in Chipping Campden called "Creative Campden"

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Exhibitions of  the members' various works and crafts take place at various times throughout the year.

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International Garden Photographer of the Year [I.G.P.O.T.Y.]

In the 2010 competition the photograph "Trio of Damsels" was commended and a finalist in the Insect Beauties category


           "Trio of Damsels"              

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