Recent Images

A significant number of photographic commissions have derived from my work with web site design specialists. The commissions are predominately for business establishments such as restaurants, pubs., holiday cottages, hotels, B&B’s and guest houses.

In this context, photographs provide an insight into the style and features of an establishment. As such a series of my photographs could enhance websites and promotional material by providing potential customers and clients with images that will inform, aid comparison and assist in making the right choice.

An example from a set of photos for a  commission for a luxury house holiday letting.
Another example involved samples of mouth-watering cuisine for an award winning restaurant.

A further example is that of a series of photos for the website of a company providing Classic Car Hire


                   And of course more of the Open Road......                but with a magical twist of colour

I have also been asked to take photographs at a number of events, including weddings.

I provide quality photography at very competitive rates and so can offer exceptional value for money.  Images can be provided on digital media or as high quality prints .
I pride myself on doing my best to produce good results and particularly to understand clients’ requirements so as to provide a service that satisfies and fulfils expectations.   I would be delighted to discuss your photography requirements and so for more information and quotations please contact me